The Poultry Farmers in chadiza district bemoaned the absence of distributors of livestock products such as day old chicks, feed and vaccines. This came to light when the PAZ head office held a meeting with the poultry farmers in Chadiza. During the said meeting, poultry farmers highlighted a number of challenges they are facing in the quest to continue with poultry business.
Currently poultry farmers in Chadiza District are buying their day old chicks, feed and vaccines from Chipata District, about 70 kms away. According to the farmers, the longer distance from chipata coupled with the bad road next work either direct from Chipata or using Mozambique’s road is contributing to high mortalities of DoC, expensive landing price for both feed, vaccines and Doc, which is making them uncompetitive. Other issues which came up during the meeting was marketing challenges for the fully grown broilers as well as lack of trainings for the new farmers. It was also highlighted that farmers need finances to invest in transport facilities to enable them felly the inputs from Chipata or katete to address the costs of using public transport which delays delivery of chicks to the district