In 2022, Brazilian poultry and pig meat production will increase, but exports will increase by 5% for broilers, while pork meat shipments may decline by 3%. In 2023, both sectors will evolve positively in terms of production and exports, according the association.
Poultry Flies
Brazilian production of chicken meat may grow by 1% in 2022 compared to 2021, reaching 14.5 million tonnes. According to ABPA, the availability of chicken meat on the domestic market is also expected rise, increasing 0.5% in 2022, reaching 9.78 million tonnes. “Producers have supplied domestic availability, which has sustained consumption per capita levels. Public programmes will hit the market later this year and may increase the population’s purchasing power,” analysed Ricaro Santin, ABPA president.
On the other hand, poultry exports, according to the ABPA, should reach up to 4.9 million tonnes this year, which is 6% higher than the previous year.“The animal health issue is still pressuring global poultry meat trade. New avian influenza outbreaks were notified amongst large producers, sustaining demand to exporters free of the disease. That is the case in Brazil,” said Santin. In addition, he pointed out other topics as such Ukraine’s lower participation in international trade, Mexico´s removal of import tariffs until next year, the strong Philippine demand, and the temporary reduction of South Korean import tariffs. Also, according to ABPA’s perspectives, chicken meat production for next year is projected to jump 5%, with domestic availability expected for 2023 at 9.8 million tonnes. In 2023, the expectation is for exports to grow again by 6%, reaching up to 5.2 million tonnes. Source: Brazilian exports might increase for poultry but drop for pigs – Poultry World