In a bid to encourage farmers to bring their 2019/2020 season produce to the Grain Marketing Board, the government has reviewed maize, traditional grains and soya beans producer prices, Sunday News reports.
According to the publication, the new producer prices are as follows, maize rose from $6 958 to $12 329 per tonne, traditional grains from $7 260 to $12 865 and soya beans from $6 958 to $17 211.
A letter from the Agriculture Ministry to the GMB announcing the new producer prices reads in part:
Cabinet approved reviewing of floor producer prices for maize, traditional grains and soya beans for the 2020/2021 marketing season. The prices are effective from 1 April 2020 and special exception is granted to Mary Ellen Farm and Tongaat Hullet who had an early crop delivered before April 2020 following request by Government Zimbabwe in 2020 experienced a second season of erratic rains which will likely leave a greater number of the population food insecure: