In an effort to continue with farmer group formation for easy service delivery, the Poultry Association of Zambia in conjunction with the Ross Breeders Zambia conducted a poultry farmer training in chirundu. The training is part of the much training planned for throughout the country to enhance the skills of the poultry farmers. The focus of the training was on housing, brooding, poultry management, bio security, feed management as well as costing. The meeting was attended by about 43 poultry farmers who are locally based. The farmers appreciated that training that was offered as this was the first of its kind to be offered to the farmers in the area. The farmers requested that more and more trainings be conducted in the area as most farmers have been keeping chickens without undergoing through formal training. During the training, farmers resolved that they needed to be organised in order to foster development and ensure that the farmers speak one language. As a result of this it was overwhelmingly agreed that an interim executive be selected to spearhead the formation of the Association.