National Milling Corporation Limited conducted training for the poultry farmers in Lusaka. The meeting was held on Thursday the 31st May 2018 in Lima hall in the showgrounds. A total number of 120 poultry farmers from within Lusaka attended the seminar. A number of topics where covered during the training. The training was facilitated by Dr Chacko, Dr. Maureen.W.Ziba a veterinary officer from the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock as well as other stakeholders in the poultry industry. The focus of the training was on Bio-security, Broilers, Layers and Village chicken and insecurity in poultry production. Furthermore the training also included a discussion on Control of Newcastle Disease in small scale and village chicken by maintaining a consistent stable vaccination program.

It was also timely that the emphasis on winter brooding of chicks was also fully elaborated. A number of issues were also discussed which among them included the current day old chick supply challenge and when the situation would be normalized. It was highlighted during the meeting that supply will revert back to normal by end of June and beginning of July 2018 as a number of parent stock will come into lay. This training is part of the many training lined up by National Milling Corporation for poultry farmers.The Poultry Association of Zambia wish to thank National Milling co-operation for organising such important event aimed at equipping farmers with knowledge to help farmers’ manage their poultry business from a learned point view.


  1. When will be the next poultry training for small-scale farmers be held by National Milling and where? How much do participants pay and how long is the training? I am very interested to learn.

    • Thanks for the email,

      We will definetely communicate to you about any upcoming seminars.

      Kind Regards

      Poultry Association.

    • Thanks for your email.
      Will keep you posted send your phone number also for further communication.

      Kind Regards

      Poultry Association of Zambia.


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