Urban farmer, one of the leading suppliers of premixes in the country held a poultry day on the 5th April 2018 at Radisson blue hotel. The poultry day was well attended mostly by the commercial farmers and the stockfeed producers. The main purpose of the poultry day was to share idea on the recent developments taking place in the poultry industry with specific emphasis on national aspect of the poultry industry. A number of international presenters presented papers at this meeting. Key presentations made focused on the critical importance of managing protein quality and amino acid composition in feed and how to effectively use the enzymes cost effectively to maximize the returns. The above two presentations were made by Tertio Nel from Evonik and Phokela from DSM. The third presentation focused on the dynamic formulation and feeding of broilers and layers with emphasis on getting the feeding basics right. The other paper focused the global feed medication trend and how they will affect the African countries. The above presentations were made by Craig of Urban Farmer and Dean from Huverpharma. The other papers focused on why vaccines do not always protect the chicks, this was done by Deryn from poultry Practice, the practical set-up, chemical choice and management of disinfectants and sanitation program was done by Quintin of Bitek while the last presentation focused on capturing value addition in the poultry value chain, this was done by Chris from Deli Spices. Poultry association of Zambia would like to appreciate the initiative embarked on by the Urban farmer to build capacity of the members of the poultry industry.