Ross breeders Zambia just concluded a round of seminars in some towns of Northern, Muchinga and Central Provinces. The Ross Breeders Zambia Veterinarian, Dr. Alex Bili who hosted the seminars tackled pertinent topics in broiler production. One of the topics discussed was housing and how it influences profitability. In delivering this topic, he stated that 90% of complaints amongst small and medium scale broiler farmers are related to poor housing which is directly linked to poor ventilation and are completely avoidable. He added that a house with bad ventilation leads to problems such as damage to the respiratory tract, decrease in the efficiency of respiration, trigger diseases and management syndromes such as ascites, swollen head syndrome and Chronic respiratory disease and contributes to poor litter quality.
In the end, the farmer experiences high mortality and poor performance which translate into reduced profitability. He further stressed that a good poultry house with good ventilation will provide an environment that permits the bird to achieve optimum performance in growth rate, uniformity, feed efficiency and health and welfare by maintaining acceptable air quality, providing adequate fresh air, removing excess moisture, and limiting the build-up of potentially harmful gases like ammonia, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. In concluding this topic, he said “If you want to make profit, invest in a simple yet well ventilated poultry house and learn not to sacrifice ventilation for anything, not even temperature.”