The dumping of chicken exports in South Africa from European Union member states reflects an ongoing pattern of the EU ignoring its own international development and cooperation objectives. During the past decade, the EU has all but destroyed the livelihoods of rural communities that depend on poultry farming in Senegal, Cameroon and Ghana, and now seeks to do the same in South Africa.
The South African chicken industry is in crisis because of the import of massive volumes of surplus chicken that is being dumped into South Africa. Thousands of jobs have already been lost, and many thousands more are threatened, as larger producers cut production and smaller ones go out of business. There have been warnings that the industry might not survive for another 12 to 18 months if imports continue at the current rate.
The damage to the South African chicken industry is principally caused by the import, mainly from the EU, of rapidly increasing volumes of bone-in leg quarters. These are the brown meat portions popular in South Africa but unwanted in Europe and other northern hemisphere markets. So they are dumped in South Africa. Bone-in imports from the EU rose from 62,000 tons in 2011 to 194,000 tons by the end of 2016. This made imports the largest single supply source in South Africa, exceeding the largest local producers. EU imports dropped off when supply was halted by outbreaks of bird flu, but other regions have taken up the slack. : For the full article please download on htt:// Africa’s chicken industry. By Chris Ward 17 August 2017