Government of the Republic of Zambia has issued a notice restricting imports of live chicken and chicken products from Zimbabwe and DRC due to the resurgence of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe. This restriction is aimed at restricting the spread of the outbreak which may have a devastating effect on the Zambian poultry industry. The republic of Zambia is not the only country that has instituted the import ban of chicken and chicken products. The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock has since with immediate effect reactivated the Avian Influenza Multispectral National Response Committee that was formed in 2012 to respond to the current threat. In addition to the above, the ministry has also step up surveillances at various water bodies that are within the route for wild migratory birds. Further, the government has also indicated that imports of parent stocks will be allowed from HPAI free countries after a thorough risk assessment has been done. With the above key issues farmers have been urged to undertake the following measures.
1. Report any abnormal deaths of chickens and guinea fowls or any other birds to the nearest Veterinary Services Office
2. Ensure that you avoid interactions between the domestic wild birds and animals
3. Ensure that you practice high level of bio security and hygiene which include preventing any contacts with domesticated or wild animals, mechanical vectors etc, including water sources.